Construction Timeline

Once the loan has been approved and the funds have been made available for draws (Typically 2-4 weeks depending on financial institution):

1. City Permits with initial site visit

2. Electrical T post set

3. Grading/Pad Benching

4. Water Meter/Electrical meters requested, Security cameras placed after electrical meter is placed

5. Forms set

6. Form Board Survey

7. City Inspection

8. Foundation trenched and prepped, tension cables placed

9. Electrical and Plumbing rough in the foundation

10.Engineer and City pre-pour inspections

11.Pour foundation


13.Windows set

14.Temporary exterior doors placed (unless iron- those will be placed instead of temporary doors)

15.Post tension cables pulled and tension report



18.Electrical/Gas trenched to the residence

19.Electrical and Plumbing rough in walls; Shower pans and Tubs set (Freestanding tubs will be placed during plumbing finish out)

20.HVAC rough

21.Pre-wiring for alarm, smart home technology, TV/internet

22.Termite treatment

23.City Inspection for framing, electrical, plumbing top out, plumbing gas test and mechanical mechanical


25.Garage Doors set

26.Fireplace inserts installed

27.3rd Party Energy Inspection (Required before sheetrock)


29.Wood floors installed (if applicable)

30.Remove temporary exterior doors and install permanent doors

31.Trim, Interior Doors and Cabinets

32.Painting (Interior and Exterior)

33.City inspection for release of gas and electrical meter

34.Alarm activation

35.Tile work

36.Counter tops installed

37.Back splash tile/material installed

38.Electrical finish out

39.Plumbing finish out

40.HVAC finish out

41.Smart home technology installation (if applicable)

42.Energy inspection

43.Final grading

44.Flatwork complete (Driveways, sidewalks)

45.Fence installed (if applicable)

46.Sprinkler system installed


48.Appliances installed

49.Hardwood floors sanded, stained and first 2 poly-coats applied (if applicable)

50.Carpet installed (if applicable)

51.Finish sand and last poly-coat applied to hardwood floors (if applicable)

52.Door knobs, Cabinet hardware and bathroom accessory items installed

53.Final Build inspection


55.Move In!!!

** Estimated time to home completion after breaking ground is typically 6-8 months, but time can be extended due to inclement weather and/or size of the project.

** Some of the steps of construction will often take place concurrently rather than in order.